Application for the post of JUNIOR SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT (F&A) 

Instructions for filing Online Application

1. Please click on link “How to Apply” and go through the instructions carefully

2. You will need to upload your scanned copy of photograph first

3. The photograph file type can be of .jpg or .gif only

4. First re-name your .jpg or .gif photograph file as First Name-mobileno.jpg Or First Name-mobileno.gif

    (For example, rajendra-9876543210.jpg or kokila-1234506789.gif)

5. Make sure the photograph file size does not exceed 50kb

6. Now if all the above five items (1 to 5) are understood by you and you are ready with photograph as per items 4&5 above, you can now upload your photograph

7. Please ensure the following message appears "File Uploaded Successfully, Please Continue the registration with this file name: name-mobile no.jpg" before continuing the registration for successful submission of application

8. In the Online Application form, please specify the uploaded filename with the extension as per example: (name-123456789.jpg, ram-9876543210.gif)

     (For example: name-123456789.jpg, ram-9876543210.gif)

9. All fields marked with * are mandatory

How To Apply